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We always determine at the outset the outcome our client wants us to achieve - what we do is always targeted at specific outcomes with a measurable return on investment

Our training is based on participants carrying out practical exercises, fielding practical challenges and practising the required skills rather than just watching presentations.

We show trainees how to focus on intelligence rather than just information: the Sandstone company tag line is intelligence not information. One of the biggest challenges faced in most high pressure situations is information overload. Only information which is accurate, timely and relevant can be considered intelligence. Learning to filter out the background information and concentrate on the intelligence enables individuals and organisations to make relevant and effective decisions.

Whatever the training, we assist participants to develop a useful tool-kit of skills which they can take away and use immediately.

We are happy to work work with clients to integrate their corporate messages and objectives into each of our programmes and sessions, when desired.


As a comprehensive programme aimed at providing future leaders with the skills which they need to progress within an organisation from junior employee to partner, this is necessarily delivered over several months in one or two-day sessions each time.


These can each be delivered in any one of three formats:

  • 1 day training course
  • ½ day workshop
  • Short keynote-style presentation

Full day training course

Our team will work with you to build case studies and working examples in which your delegates are able to practice the skills that they are learning in real life scenarios faced by them.

The full day training session can be delivered at your premises, or at an off-site location that helps to underline the key message or required outcomes. As an example we have delivered enhanced training days at the Manchester Velodrome, Leander Rowing Club, RMA Sandhurst and numerous outdoor activity centres.

Half day workshop

Sessions take place either in the morning or afternoon with the possibility to deliver two identical sessions in a day. This ensures the maximum group training in the shortest period of time.

Delegates will be introduced to the new skills and get a chance to practice them. The sessions are fast paced and cover a great deal of ground in a relatively short period of time.

Delivery consists of a mix of presentation, discussion and group exercises. The critical skills are brought to life by the facilitator and related to the delegates specific environment through inclusive discussion sessions.

Our workshops can be run as stand-alone training, or integrated into your existing programmes. As for the full-day training sessions, they can be held at a wide range of venues. They can also be integrated into your events such as conferences or off-site group meetings. We are happy to work with you to ensure that the workshop reflects the topic or theme of your event.

Keynote presentations

The keynote, typically a one-hour presentation, explores key issues and skills in a fast paced and engaging format, supported by examples from the presenter’s real life experiences. Included is a question and answer session that enables participants to engage with both the topic and the presenter.

Our presenters have operated often in unique high pressure situations whether that be on the side of Mount Everest, in operations in Afghanistan or in international board-rooms.

The one-hour format of the keynote presentation enables it to be slotted seamlessly into conferences, meetings or company off-sites.

If the topic and audience lend themselves to it, our keynotes can also be delivered in a more relaxed, and shorter, after-dinner speaking format.


We work with a number of venues to cater for clients’ off-site needs. For example, in Scotland we have a training centre in Dunblane and we also work with Blue Sky Experiences, who have a dedicated team-building facility just outside Perth. Collaboration between Blue Sky and Sandstone enables both companies to combine their strengths in order to deliver unique leadership and team building experiences.


At Sandstone we are very comfortable working with event management agencies and venues. We bring an extensive experience delivering as part of major sales and organisational conferences.

If you are a venue or production agency looking to expand your portfolio of workshops that can be offered to clients as part of an event please contact our team to see how we can collaborate.

We are associate members of:

British Security Industry Association
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Construction Logistics and Community Safety
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Scottish Land and Estates

To see our Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved First Aid Course click here >>>