In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we spoke with our clients in March and moved all our training online.

Whether we are training, coaching or mentoring, we always determine at the outset the outcome our client wants us to achieve - our courses are always targeted at specific outcomes with a measurable return on investment.

We firmly believe that, when we are training staff, participation is more powerful than PowerPoint ™ alone – our training course content is therefore always based on delegates carrying out exercises, fielding practical challenges and practising required skills.

Much of our training is based on the belief that one of the core skills required to succeed in any business environment is the ability to identify what is important (‘intelligence not information’). We like this idea so much that we sometimes use this phrase as our strapline.

And, finally, we only employ trainers, coaches and mentors whose background and approach to training enables them not just to train our clients, but to inspire them to excellence.