Using the Rapha cycling cafe to inspire delegates and deliver a challenging course on personal branding.

Sandstone Communications have played a key role in delivering the Knight Frank CX121 program.

David Samuel and Timothy Bradshaw acting as judges for Napier Univeristy European Selling Competition.

Sandstone Communications delivering leadership training at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester

Jeremy Gumbley presenting for Mclaren and discussing making complicated technology real for customers.

David Samuel from Sandstone Communications coaching AMG brand experts across the Middle East

David Samuel and Tim Bradshaw working together as part of an international trianing team. Delivering a luxury mindset for BMW 7 series launch in Dubai

Tim Bradshaw, Paul Horwood and David Samuel getting ready to deliver the launch of the Developing Leader program to Gateley Plc

Timothy Bradhsaw delivering a seminar to the Edinbugh Chamber of Commerce. Understading to decipher intelligence from infomation

Timothy Bradshaw, David Samuel and Cedric Astor running leadership assessment courses on behalf of Eastern Western Motor Group - Lokking for leaders not sales people.

Sandstone communications putting delegates through practical leadership assessemnt - outside of their comfort zones

Delegates being asked to execute the plan they formulated together. Constantly changing learder.

The management acceleration program in full swing. Delegates asked to interview each other and indentify areas where they may be able to build rapport with each other.

Timothy Bradshaw working with a high performing team from the Bank of Scotland. Developing excellent customer communicatons. The event being run at Rolls Royce Edinburgh

The Sandstone team - Cedric Astor, David Samuel and Timothy Bradshaw with the Eastern Western Motor Group managing director Keith Duncan and the MAP delegates.

Paul Horwood and Tim Bradhshaw with Ruth Heaton the head of learning and development for Gatelely Plc. The tea delivering a challenging course on the importance of personal branding.

David Samuel working with delegtes from all across the UAE. Understanding culture and traslating messages to specific regions