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Sandstone First Aid Training

The initial assessment must establish the hazards faced by an organisation and its staff, and identify the specific first training, equipment and SOPs required in order to provide appropriate first aid in case of need. The responsibility to carry out such assessment rests squarely on the shoulders of each company, club etc.. First Aid Needs Assessment are complex. Consider that for each location

Sandstone has experienced operatives who are available to work with your H&S representative to assist them in carrying out your risk assessment exercise, to prepare your written plan and then to put in place your personnel, processes, kit and the ongoing training required.If you are a large organisation which already has a professional First Aid Risk and Needs Assessment we will work with you to develop the training, specify the kit and draft standard operating procedures (SOPs) required. Otherwise we will work with you to carry out the risk assessment first.

Our First Aid Courses

We are associate members of:

British Security Industry Association
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Construction Logistics and Community Safety
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Scottish Land and Estates

To see our Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved First Aid Course click here >>>