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First aid kit review

Purchasing ‘off the shelf’ first aid kits not only means that you are probably not compliant with the HSE requirements, it also means that in case of a serious accidents you are most likely not appropriately prepared.

As an example: if your risk assessment identifies that there exists a risk of major injury such as bad cuts or trauma (machinery, vehicles, warehousing) your first aid kit should always contain basic trauma equipment such as a tourniquet or cellox (a barrier against ongoing haemorrhage), so that your designated first aiders can act effectively as first responders.

We will work with you to develop the various First Aid kits that each organisation or location requires and will advise and assist in procurement.

NOTE:your SOPs must ensure that these kits are located so as to be immediately available in case of an accident

Our First Aid Courses

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To see our Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved First Aid Course click here >>>