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First aid standard operating procedures

Pre-designed responsibilities, routines and actions (Standard Operating Procedures) ensure the best chance of a good outcome in an emergency situation.

Designated responsibilities, routines and actions ensures the best chance of success. Your SOPs need to address, for example:

  • who will take charge and how will they communicate?
  • is emergency equipment available within the 2 minute window for a major bleed?
  • how will the ambulance find you and gain access to your location?

We are available to assist you to develop your SOPs to give your organisation the best chance of success in an emergency situation.

We are also available to organise and carry out periodic exercises of your SOPs at each of your locations to ensure that all involved are well versed to react when the worst happens.

Our First Aid Courses

We are associate members of:

British Security Industry Association
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Construction Logistics and Community Safety
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Scottish Land and Estates

To see our Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved First Aid Course click here >>>