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Sandstone ambassadors - Why the Winthrop sisters?

Sandstone ambassadors - Why the Winthrop sisters?

It's about inspiration and attitude.

Sandstone have selected Claire and Zoe as ambassadors because their values and work ethic mirror that of Sandstone Communications.

Undoubtedly they will achieve great results, but their commitment to their goal is what has impressed our team. When Tim first met Claire, the girls had been travelling and  living in a converted Renault van, across Europe, throughout the winter, in order to race.

Far fromspending their time taking selfies and following celebrities, Claire and Zoe are always in the gym or working at preparing their skis.

Sandstone are helping to train the girls in the all the areas required to be a full time athlete - away from the gym and the ski slopes: these include presentation, public speaking, sponsorship management and branding.

In the sport of skiing there is no contract or pay cheque. The girls will have to generate their own income as well as training and racing at the highest levels. They have risen to the challenge, and never shy from what is being asked of them. They have recently become adobe spark experts!

Sandstone's aim is to help the girls become entirely self sufficient and generate a budget that will enable them to compete at the Winter Olympics in 2022.

On a daily basis Sandstone coaches and trainers provide skills and inspiration to many delegates. Claire and Zoe often provide an inspiration to our team!

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