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A day with M-Sport on the Malcolm Wilson Rally

A day with M-Sport on the Malcolm Wilson Rally

The conversation went something like:

Tim: “Mike what are your thoughts on providing Emergency First Aid Lessons to a world championship rally team?”

Mike: “Sounds like a great idea, but I know nothing about Rally Cars/Racing!!”

Tim: “Leave that with me!"

On the 11th March the Sandstone team spent an amazing day in the forests of Northern England with the M-Sport team, learning all things rally cars, teams and how they maintain them in often extreme conditions. 

Why? In order to understand the kind of injuries the mechanics may suffer both in the workshop and out in remote areas when testing and competing.

"It was a real privilege to get up close with the team, visit the workshops where everything is pristine and contrast that to the service areas under canvas in dusty conditions, where the mechanics are working at pressure to turn the cars round in 15 minutes". Mike Hope 

Delivering effective training is about putting everything into context and making it as relevant as possible to the learners. It is about building a relationship and becoming a partner not a provider. 

We are really looking forward to working with this super high performance team and helping to keep them safe.

Thanks M-Sport for a great introduction to rallying! 

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British Security Industry Association
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Construction Logistics and Community Safety
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Scottish Land and Estates

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