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Sandstone archive: podcasts

16. #BecauseICan podcast - Finsing the opportunity with David Mumby partner at Knight Frank

Sandstone first worked with David Mumby and Knight Frank over 3 yers ago. They met at a corporate skiing challenge in Switzerland. To say the world has changed in the time since then is a massive understatement! In this episode Paul Horwood and Tim Bradshaw talk to Dave about what has changed and what are the challenges and opportunities a company like Knight Frank faces post pandemic. The answers may surprise you! As we always say it is always about people.

18. #BecauseICan: Ukraine special

Putting together an aid mission to Ukraine - how do you do it? #BecauseICan

#BecauseICan: Introduction

The Robust guide to being effective

#BecauseICan Podcast: The Matterhorn

In this episode Tim and Paul discuss being outside of your comfort zone, imposer syndrome and climbing the Matterhorn #BecauseICan

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