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We teach key skills for use in business in real world scenarios

We enhance employees’ ability to thrive under pressure, solve problems, communicate more effectively and facilitate resilience in themselves and their teams.

We show them how to filter out perception in favour of reality, and the importance of focusing on intelligence rather than just information.

And the Sandstone team members have very diverse backgrounds and experiences - but with one thing in common: they have learnt, developed and used the skills contained in our sessions for real in challenging environments. This enables them not just to train our participants, but to inspire them to excellence.

The Sandstone Foundation SCIO

Sandstone Communications Limited is a founding trustee of the Sandstone Foundation SCIO. This charity provides free-of-charge inspirational workshops for schools and colleges - motivating the young and encouraging the development of the life skills which they will require whatever career they choose.

Decisions on a knife edge…
Sandstone Directors Tim and Paul summit the Matterhorn 2018

We are associate members of:

British Security Industry Association
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Construction Logistics and Community Safety
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
Scottish Land and Estates

To see our Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport approved First Aid Course click here >>>